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Introducing our children's affirmation cards - the perfect tool to encourage a positive mindset for children of all ages. Each pack contains 20 cards with uplifting messages and images that promote self-love, confidence, and happiness. Our cards are great for starting the day off with positive affirmations or for calming anxious minds before bed. They can be used at home, school, or on the go. These cards are a wonderful way to promote emotional well-being and create a more optimistic outlook for children. Get your pack of children's affirmation cards today and watch your child's self-esteem soar! Promoting inclusiveness, compassion and understanding. Giving children the guidance and the know how to manage their emotions and reactions, whilst making wise choices that can boost self-happiness and form healthy relationships. Allows children to express their thoughts and have deeper interactions with their families and peers, understanding the importance of being mindful of other people’s feelings. Useful for language barriers, group sessions and one to one.


A6, handy travel size.


Happy Heart Affirmation Cards

SKU: 106295166196
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