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The Mindful Matters Bundle prompts and assists children to learn and understand good morals and kindness - it encourages awareness and mindful practises which will inspire children to understand how and why they should be kind, inclusive, and treat others how they want to be treated. It teaches children to treat everyone with love and care, despite their differences. It can be a great conversation starter, inspiring discussion between children and their peers as well as adults, allowing for us to discuss such subjects openly whilst teaching them how we wish for them to behave. 


Waterproof and durable, great for travel and prolonged use. It's full of different worksheet tasks, including a word search and important people tree.


This bundle comes pre-prepared for our Busy Builder, allowing you to build and tailor your child's learning experience as they learn and grow.

Mindful Matters: Busy Bundle

SKU: 106295166487
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